Monday, February 22, 2016

Micro Environments

A microenvironment is defined as the immediate small-scale environment of an organism, especially as part of a larger environment. 

Below is a collapsed hollow microenvironment which shows the roots of the plants growing on its surface have penetrated the wall and into the interior, shows roots suspended and growth patterns of young plants.  

This one also made of clay but bisque fired rather than greenware so that it maintains its structure shows the tenacity of the young plants as they send out shoots and roots from the caverns in which the seed was placed.

Below is a microenvironment which shows the life-death cycle on either side of this vessel which is designed more in the shape of functional pottery but which is filled with water.

Below stages of the microenvironment as it grows over a two week period.  Fistula arundinacea is used because it is fast growing and resilient to various conditions, it actually can go dormant during unsatisfactory conditions, "waiting" for the right time to grow again making it ideal for microenvironments.