Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ceramic wall panels and day zero of the seeded pots

Below: the artwork of Natalia Donofrio
This is pretty exciting.  The group visits which today must have been strangely effective because afterwards I made the seeded pots which hopefully if kept moist will sprout and more than sprout, actually become little plants... molded cracked corn notwithstanding.  There are also photos here of the multitude of wall panels that I have been working on (one with a homemade cobalt blue), as well as the pipe sculptures latest incarnation.  I ordered a tablet to show my images at school and also some tillandsia which I am going to also affix to greenware, or possibly bisque that has been covered with moss. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Its been forever but my domain was finally updated.   Taking Becca Albee's professional development class at The City College has helped me to understand some things about my images and it was fun trying to add a new dimension (or take away a dimension!) to my website which is the wall panels page, there you can see some of the new pieces which hang on the wall.
check it out at