Saturday, November 22, 2008

11-22-08 in review

Today felt a return of sorts to Union Square since many a Saturday passed by in which I wanted to be at the park but had to attend a street fair instead. I must say, the crisp Autumn air and 30-degree weather was something I rather enjoyed, I like the feel that is in the air, it is a cheery and light hearted kind of time of year. The holiday season is upon us and I will NOT complain, its easier than ever to sell and I must keep up with the demand. I will be making ten little baby basket-weave-head sleeping figures for next weekend and a few “fairy” girls. These girls will be simply fairies with the leafy clothes and everything. Both are small sized therefore $10 each.
But back to the day… the day was sunny, gorgeous if a bit cold, and just a real pleasure to be a part of, something about street vending makes me feel like I lived life, I can easily spend two weeks at home and the time passes by and is never re-claimed, yet when I go outdoors (especially with my camera) and capture the day, I can always reflect and that single day was more active and fun than an entire two weeks at home. See the video above for some of my antics with fellow artist Lisa Park who is a photographer, and some girl jumping on two guys lying on the sidewalk. Below, check out some pics of me dancing and being silly. The beautiful figure below with the purple poppies and straight hair was sold to a very good fan of the butterfly people. Thanks to all of you who help make my journey a happy one!

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