Sunday, August 2, 2009

Street Fair in Review (who knew a parade rained on could be so fun?)

The Street fair today was amazing! The most friendly faces ever, cool conversations, and steady sales! I was so busy, I only made one tiny figure in the eight hour day! The day began with rain, rain, rain while setting up which stopped only to usher in a huge downpour which kept sales from happening for two or three hours, but afterward, everyone acted as if the rain had never begun! I was a great FIRST street fair of 2009 (I know im late), and even better than some of the more "beautiful" weather days ive had in the past, I LOVED IT. This has me really geared up for Union Square and 59th street! Thanks for all who made it out!

I made a video of clips from the day, though it looks like all I did was play with my neighbor's instruments, I was able to sell the beauties pictured below.

The girl on the end here was actually painted GOLD and with painted gold butterfly wings, so she didnt look "The Simpsons" yellow or anything.

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