Friday, January 15, 2010

Twentyten is done

Today I finished the figure that I have been working on and thinking about. I call her twentyten because she is a symbol of the new year. The year of creative expression. This means that everything I create will be from the depths of my being, straight from the source of inspiration into physical reality.

When I came up with the concept of the figure, I knew the figure had to be 100% handmade without the use of molds not because anything is wrong with that, but simply because its more original and totally one of a kind this way. I knew I wanted her surface treatment to be abstract, nothing literally, yet I still wanted it to read: unlimited potential, prosperity, love, life, energy, color! And it does!

I wanted the figure to look like the paint does when you first put it on the palette and start to mix it, it is so beautiful the colors swirling together, and so I took some colors and began to mix. I wanted ALL colors, but red and purple would overpower the figure so I stuck with medium blues and greens with highlights of yellow and white. I put some dark grey on her side to break up the gold base color. The brushstrokes were long and mostly uninterrupted so that there would be a sense of flow that matched that of the figures body.

Her hand is outstretched in what I often use as a symbol for the law of mutual exhange. You get as much as you give, the world is energy, this energy is always exchanging hands and that things, all things even money, are just energy and move from person to person in flux.
One issue with her surface treatment was that when it dried, the paint was matte and the gold was shiny. It is important for the paint to always look wet because that is how it appears when fresly mixed. I was able to seal the figure in an acrylic coating which now keeps her eternally glossy.

Click the pics to see them BIG!

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