Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Shop... its days are numbered!

Although slightly hard to view this blog and not be sad about my leaving, I dont feel sad when I look at photos like the one below.
With that said, I must announce that my days at Unique are numbered, I have decided to leave not because sales have dropped tremendously or anything, but the rent has gone up once already and will go up again after one month (then it caps out).  It is fun being there, but I cannot take 100% of my sales just to pay the rent, its bad business, and no profit.  There is no reason for me to stay longer though I did have a blast and will continue to create. 
Etsy, street fairs, craft shows and flea markets are all ahead of us, stay tuned.


  1. other opportunities will come, your art speaks for itself and prosperity will always follow it

  2. Thank you.
    Many things are already cropping up such as the possibility of moving to Springfield, another person who sells for me in Florida, and also the never-ending creative expression. I learned discipline by being at Unique and hopefully take it with me when I leave.