Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh hey

This picture is posted on my tumblr account on April 28th, 2011, but I think I made it before then, I made a slew of colorful girls when i was in the hospital (not being admitted!) with Marshall.
In it you can see the larger blue girl with her eyes being covered by her wrists; well, today she awoken and is beautiful!  I separated her fingers to give her hands a more animated look and they are still up near her face.  The clay is amazingly as soft as ever and I wonder what she will end up being.  Who is she and why did she come when she did? 
Its funny because a couple of years ago I got into making figures on the bus/train/plane or wherever I was idle (in this case hospital waiting room) and LATER I would use the figures all ready to go when I was inspired to paint/design/dress/bake figures.  It worked out great because at times I would be REALLY inspired to do a cool line or henna pattern only to not be in the mood to sculpt an entire figure and by the time one was sculpted, the moment of inspiration had passed me by.  So stockpiling figures was a great thing for me... when I was inspired to make a certain kind of unpainted figure I still could, but it was just really convenient to have them when I needed. 
So this aqua girl has awoken see below.
Now comes the really really fun part.  What story does she have to tell? She has already told a story, one of being born into a world and not willing to "see" or perhaps having been in a deep sleep for a while, why was her pose the way it was before? Has she grown as a person and now willing to open her eyes up to reality and see the truth that exists? That there is nothing to fear and that she was meant to see with more than her physical eyes? Who knows!  She may have more transformations yet, but be assured that I am going to begin sculpting figures again for the sake of design, I love painting small scale and in 3-D so the first step is to actually get some things to paint.

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