Sunday, September 25, 2011

HEAL - will healing figurines be on

I think minifigure is about to get a makeover, after creating the figure below I felt like although I want to return to ebay to sell some of the bigger sculptures, that etsy is a great place to sell miniature figurines, I might have works on both websites, but I have had great success selling any small figure I made on etsy. I just have been very lazy, my shop has had zero items in it for months!

All that may change after making this scultpure. She was fresh out of the kiln from her bisque firing when I heard Marshall listening to a guided meditation, the meditation described you standing between the earth and the sun, and the blue energy of the earth, and the yellow energy of the sun flowing inside of you and healing your being... I thought this was so cool that I immediately painted her with yellow and blue and then wrote HEAL on her chest!

A healing figure! I love healing and health and will make more of these, perhaps with arms to the side so that they can be carried with you safely wherever you go!

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