Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Theriocephalous Figure on a collapsed pot

The latest is a wonderful terra cotta pused in or collapsed ceramic vessel which has a central figure per usual but this time its a therioanthrop.  The change from nude female (nature goddess) to a theriocephalous figure makes sense, it changes things immediately there will be no lost in translation undertones for the meanings of the centralized figure.  The animal head right away makes one think of mythology or ancient deities, this has always been the role of the central figure, a "play pretend" character, not an actual person, it represented nature and safety security, home.  This deer figure has replaced the nude figure, the deer figure can have breasts, chest, or neither, it can be androgynous or clearly male, its able to change shape at will, its like the very material its made out of flexible and able to take on any form.  So the Gods of abundance are here to bring in the next round of sculpted pottery from Pedro Ramirez.  More photos when you click below.

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