Tuesday, June 25, 2013

THE GOLDEN EGG - greenware

This has been an idea that I have had in my head for some time, it was to throw a pot, then sculpt INSIDE of it, not just in a folded depression or on top of it.  To sculpt in it, HOWEVER to make it look like I REALLY sculpted in it, like the entire interior sculpted as if all the teeming life was now emerging out of the opening.  I think I have achieved success!  I would love to do another one, perhaps even not broken open like this, OR even an amphora type shape with a cracked side or something that the life bursts forth.  I have entitled it prematurely Golden Egg because I imagine using rich golden glaze for the shell outside and using stains and engobes/slips on the rustic part to make it look like life emerging from this pristine object.  I like gold and red and gold and blue, but would gold and green mesh?  I will have to try some tests out first I suppose but Im thinking bluish or even a combo of colors made from slips clear glazed.   

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