Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Photos for Savona

Hi Savona, here are some photos, below are photos of some of the living pots, the first a public intervention in west harlem, the other two examples of living pottery, using plants as a decorative surface as one would use a glaze or paint.  

Below are images of me at the talk at Greenwich House and at an eco art show I did last month in New Jersey.  

Below are photos of my "living walls series" and "Earth Room" which I did in graduate school. 

And last but not least I am including photos of the children I teach at Hunts Point recreation center in the Bronx, few of these children get arts programming in their school so I meet them for two hours as part of an after school program through the Art Students League called "Seeds of the League" its very fulfilling and I really love the kids, they even did an ECO-ART project (pictured below) using only plant-based materials to create works of art.  

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