Saturday, March 21, 2009

An Affirmation figure is born

Creation is a divine act...

Check out this little affirmation figure, definitely designed and painted with the intent of living a better life in mind, she has things like meditate (which I would like to do more of), wealth (which I would like more of), and health, which we all need! By making objects like this, the process becomes more than just 'making something', its actually focusing on what I am doing and its being made not just to sell or make money, but to keep these words and images in my mind.
She has gorgeous REAL butterfly wings and was just made.
See you all soon, I am getting ready to return to Union Square Park in the near future.

Hows this for a still life?


  1. Hey Pedro! I NEED this piece - have you sold it yet? If not, it's mine.

    I'll be back in class this week, finally.


    If you can't place me, I'm in Dave and Mary's classes with you this semester

  2. I know who you are by the name, we can speak in person on Monday.

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