Friday, March 6, 2009

UPDATE 03-06-09

Big update here.
Lots of last minute glazing and firing being done here to prepare for the ceramics show which takes place on the 12th, but is being set-up tomorrow morning. I will be helping to set it up and so will be able to be involved directly in the process.

I decided to glaze the terra-cotta vases with sculpted figures on them, for better or for worst, but I couldn’t find a glaze that I liked so I made my own iron oxide glaze. Lots of notes being taken just in case I like the results I can repeat them.

So I glazed the bulbous pot that I made with the three girls looking over the edge with this iron oxide glaze, but I also glazed a few small pieces with it as well, but accidentally used RED SAND not iron oxide for some of the pieces (thank goodness not the important ones).

This old piece here was finally glazed, it was actually living in my fish tank for sometime and the natural terra-cotta color went well with everything, but for the show I thought I should just do something really insane and crazy so I painted it like I would if I didn’t have the thought that anyone would ever see it, so I used a metallic glaze, a blue glaze, and a yellow glaze and I am anxious to see how she fires.

Here you can see the stacked kiln (top hat) which has some of my pieces, they are not all mine, but some of them are, like the ones with the girls on them and the egg-shaped piece: stilted and ready to run with emerald green and bronze glazes!

That cool centralized pot is not mine unfortunately ;-)

I added a little Christmas red to the figure just in case the kiln fires cold, if it fires hot it will turn black but that is absolutely fine.

The cylinder there on the right I did not make, but I did glaze it in patches for some tests because I don’t know what some things look like.

The two bulbs below will not be in the show, but hopefully will have some gorgeous glazes on them soon.

Figure pot here will not be green when it comes out, it will be BLACK and shiny!

These four reiterate why tests are important, they are tests of new glazes that I do not know how they look, as you can see the harlem heights blue is really crawly so will not be used by me, yet the green and grays are beautiful and definitely have a future with my pieces.

Below are some finished pieces that were finally glazed and are out of the kiln.
Back of same piece

Ruined (glaze ran)

A lot like my pen on paper doodles from the past

My new glaze to alter, since this is semitransparent, I thought I could play around with using it with varying amounts of iron oxide and maybe granular rutile.

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