Saturday, October 16, 2010


Wow, everything that I have heard about love is true.
Well, not everything, most certainly not that love hurts or love stinks, but the other side of the coin... its all true!
Love really does make the world go round, not money.  God is Love, love and God almost mean the same thing, sort of like the universal mind means God, energy is God and so energy is love as well.  Love is the most basic thing yet perhaps the one thing we cannot really explain in words. 
Love is the power that heals us.  Louise L. Hay once said, "no negative condition can exist in our lives when we truly love ourselves."  I have found this to be totally 100% correct and must sing it from the mountain tops so that everyone can hear me and my gratitude can be expressed. She also says that the more love we give, the more we have to give and that the supply is endless and makes us feel good.
As far as the figures go, they are affirmation figures right? So what better affirmation than I LOVE YOU, say it to yourself everyday.

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