Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Butterfly People

I am really quite unsure as to where the work is going, or rather how the work is changing.  If asked I would not be able to answer whether the butterflies would remain a literal part of the works of art, I am positive however, that the name will remain The Butterfly People.  Why? In this case the butterfly has gone from the literal attachment of the physical dead insect to a deeper meaning.  The word butterfly suddenly stands for transformation which as most everyone knows refers to the stages of metamorphosis that the insect takes during its ascent into adulthood.  The Butterfly People, the changing people, the people who transform, who change, who undergo metamorphoses.   Change is an important part of life, we can always be sure that we are going to change, but will we change for the better or for worst?  When we love and approve of ourselves we only change for the better, believe that!  That said, These changelings are currently appealing to me as literal expressions of who they were and who they are going to be, that said, the next few pieces will either be old re-vamped works, or new works but who begin one way and end up a totally different way (with the assistance of paint no doubt!). 

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