Saturday, January 22, 2011

A little progress :)

Although I painted her white last week, I just started painting yesterday, I would like the entire work to be covered in black lines so I still have a ways to go.  Its interesting that the drawings are broken up into distinctive "panels" which at the moment are four, the chest area, the midsection/abdomen, and each thigh.  To me, she still looks tree-like, but the white makes her more industrial, while the lines keep the organic theme alive.  To take back some of the plant-daphneness, Im going to wash her down in brown paint after she is done in several very thin coats to ensure the black lines are still visible, all the while staining the white shades of very light brown.

This figure ushers in a new age where fantasy meets reality, and where your dreams and aspirations are solidified.  She is the first of what will be a slew of figures which are really dream boards where images are put down to become real for you.  Health and healing in a world where fresh organic plants are available to provide nourishment in a world where greed does not rule, love does. 

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