Saturday, January 15, 2011

little storytellers

Some interesting paranormal experiences happen to many people I know, somehow this information is often revealed to me and sometimes it sticks and I use art as an expressive outlet for this impression someones story has had on me.  Such is the case with the story Robyn told me about her mother, father, sister and her experiences beyond this life, but as she says its all right here (presumably on a higher frequency).  I made this work of art because I felt it was like I was re-telling her story through my eyes.  Who are the two figures, are they Robyn and her daughter? Are they Robyn and her mother? One does seem angelic "watching over" the other, mother-daughter connection, purity, innocence and the star.  The star was integral in Robyn's story and really why I made the piece in the first place, because I have a star within a star and wanted a way to give it to her.  The work of art has two nude females because I knew Robyn wasn't prude and wouldn't be offended (some would be believe it or not).  I cant wait to give her the work tomorrow and see what she thinks about it.  Perhaps before the huddle?  Better when im on break, then I can talk to her about it. 

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