Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Painted polymer clay

Shes done and incredible.  The painted polymer clay figure lady is complete.  I did not put the brown that I spoke about last time for she is complete as is.
The whole idea for her came when I was sitting in my room and I felt like making something so I grabbed the clay and started working, I did not use molds or any tools really which is PRIMARILY why she doesnt have feet or hands, but I thought it cool that she was like a Plant-Daphne.  A Plant-Daphneis a figure who is descended from a race of people inspired by the Greek myth about Daphne who was turned into a Laurel.  So I used to doodle and make half plant, half human people so I thought, "cool, this figure is like a physical representation of a two dimensional drawing."  That said, I also wanted to try something new, that is stream of consciousness painting.  When I paint it can get meticulous and careful, I thought it would be fun to abandon all semblance of design and careful creation and really try and turn what was once a writing experience into a visual one.  I am referring to the experience of free writing, I have done it in school and on my own, its just allowing the stream of consciousness come out through your fingers without thinking about what you are writing.  I have brought this to life with the paintbrush, I tried not to think to much about the design and how "nice" or "bad" it would appear and just went for it, I wanted to totally cover every part of her front which is the side that will be viewed most, her back just has a dove and a few lines on it.

One of the scenes central on her is of a man taking strides.  Taking strides in life boldly and confidently, this is the way, not to shuffle along or to be afraid to go forward, I took this concept from myself of a pen and ink drawing I did which I will post below.

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