Saturday, February 26, 2011


How do you feel about sleep?
Sleep is a very interesting thing, for a long time I have respected sleep and gotten plenty of it, but lately I have been sleeping a lot.  Some people in my life have expressed concern and apparently thought I was depressed and trying to sleep my life away, this couldnt be further from the truth, it was actually love that prompted me to sleep so much.  When my body tells me something, I tend to listen as I know the inner power knows best.  Sleeping when you are tired and not forcing yourself to stay awake is an act of loving yourself, that you are worth taking care of. 

I have often imagined that when we sleep we meet up with "others", either people we will meet later or/and other spirit guides, sometimes I awaken in my dreams and I am at a university sitting in a class with angels learning from ancient non-physical books... sometimes Im chatting with people, and sometimes I even actually dream the future.  Its really interesting, dreams are important, and so is sleep.  Its 5:17pm and I am about to go to bed, I will likely rest for ten and a half hours, and YES this is a lot, I do not do it everyday, but I feel a pull to rest and that I need to do it, to be realigned perhaps.

Rest well everyone.


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  3. I lasted two days, I got in the two digits of hours of sleep, but last night it went down to six... still energized, just couldnt take anymore sleep... now im going to stay up for like two days watch! Ive been making lots of stuffffffffffffffffffffffff