Friday, March 18, 2011

There is a lack of LOVE on this planet right now!

First of all I have to say to my 19 followers, that this most likely marks the beginning of the end of the totally polymer clay blog and opens it up to be an "everything" Pedro Ramirez blog because I am going to write about a little news.

A twenty nine year old Costa Mesa city worker named Huy Pham jumped off a building today after being laid off.  This is tragic and sad and has happened before, when I first moved to NY all over the papers were stories about NYU students whom had jumped off buildings due to pressures to keep grades up.  I think it is all very, very sad and I have compassion and empathy for these folks and their loved ones, but I feel we must ground ourselves in what really matters in this life.  Self worth.  I think it is best if we do not allow a job or mark affect us so greatly for the only reason we would behave in a rash way would be because we felt we needed the job or grades or whatever, the truth is we only need our own self love and acceptance, there is a lack of love, I never write about the news, but these days its downright scary, Libya killing its own people, Japan about to have a total nuclear plant meltdown which could affect us in a numerous ways, people committing suicide, its all due to a lack of love in this planet, we need to love ourselves.  I had a dream a night or two ago and I tried to help the situation in Japan by pouring forth love from my heart over the country, but I was not permitted.  I was not allowed because I didnt truly love myself yet.  That I needed to live in a world with self love and self approval, radiating inner love outward in all directions and without condition, and only then could I use that love to project onto other people and situations.  I feel if each of us will stand up and change we can change the world.  Not with recycling or using less toliet paper, but by simply loving oursleves, the entire world would change and everything would start to fall into place.

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