Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stacked Birds Throw Away

This is the latest!
I have to say that the work in life does not seem quite as busy as in these photos, and there is no real sense of volume, but we do as best we can to depict the pots properly.
So, a lot going on here, this work is different and also in some ways similar to the other pots I have made recently.  You might notice the central figure is clothed or covered up, her texture is like the roughness of the life encircling her... still bordered by the naked texture of the original thrown pot.  This figure is like a woodland nymph, nature allegory, her hair like flames or bark... she is very abstracted, almost twisted and deformed, she actually has no bottom, her skirt flaring out like flower petals to reveal a secret opening, blocked by stacked versions of stylized birds.  She has symbols of abundance around her waist, fruit, flowers, and growth forms.  On either side of her, shoots, stems, sprouts, and fungi emerge and climb upward, on the left of the pot where her opening points, a cascade of flowers runs down towards the base of the pot, there are fruits reminiscent of pineapples, strawberries, apples and grapes.  This left side of the pot is very abundant, there are stacked root vegetables and what looks like eggs.  On the right of the pot is a different approach.  Instead of growing forms, towards the bottom of the sculpted portions, there are simply placed objects, this is the cast away part of the commentary, the temporariness of modern convenience, basically trash.  You can identify cups, mugs, bowls, square objects, forks, spoons, some sort of ladle or shovel, and a plate, all showing the other side of things, the man made and discarded part of life.

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