Monday, June 4, 2012

Two glazed green celedon vessels sprouted, growing

The two pots glazed in a (normal) layer of dark green celedon glaze came out beautiful, the glaze one each is lovely, click on a photo to see them up close, for they truly shine.  The composition however is not up to par with my expectations for my current work and although these are glazed and through the mill, they are not favorites.  They have taught me something important however about how the forms sit on the pot as they do in the mask work, or how they sit inside of a depression as they do in the work with the double female goddess.  I would rather they not sit on a pot of in a pot, but rather somewhere inbetween where they are completing the porfile of the pot themselves as a sculpted version of the physical pot, that they accentuate the hole they reside in, not hide it.  Also the forms, interesting as they are, are not what I want, they are beautiful but not there yet.  I am happy to be creating a number of works of art which are telling me what I do want and in no way am I saying that these pots are wrong, but they are helping me develop my aesthetic by showing me what I do not want.   Both pots somehow have the central female figure NOT connected to the pot because of her arms appearing simply thrown up instead of being integrated with, the pot.  ENJOY them either way they are gorgeous.

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