Monday, March 17, 2014

Acutsef is not the same as festucia and festucia is the incorrect spelling

 Here is the studio's current state of being, and though I love the "ground" I just might seed everything on Thursday just in time for open studios on the 27th. 
 This amazing thing below is the peel off of one of the growing pottery pots (it has since been re seeded) where you can see the grass skeletons, the carbon relics of what was once alive.

 I love these.  Im thinking that objects too fragile to show need to be made into prints/photographs.

 Avocado seeds, they are avocado seeds (Jenna Newton!)

 Showing my awesome butt... actually showing human scale.


 Just lie in it!

 green and brown
 new growth, so beautiful (oops Becca Albee said I shouldn't use that word, I forgot!)
 Ok now the photos below are TOP SECRET, Colin Chase will never ever be told the object exists because he said this was retrograde! 

 But I love it

 Fem yo.

 Reminds me of Christyl Cartwright Norris' untouchables, the vaginas with all the sharp spikes.

 Check out my installation on the table using Sarah Goodchild Robb nails and shit, and Andrew Kaminski's pheasant tail. 

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