Monday, March 3, 2014

Pedro Ramirez Earth Room, miracle flowers, plastic ceiling

 So, there have been quite a few changes in things around here.
First off the "dead" brances continue to defy reality by coming into full bloom, if you check the blog back you will see when the brances were collected and that they are disembodied from the tree check it out here I made a pseudo tree with tillandsia and apparently the branches were like, "well show you!" and grew... so whats the simulacrum here? 
 Studio.  Studio has been in a state of flux since forever and it continues to this day, though this is the most drastic change yet. 
 its completely covered in plastic creating a green house effect with the heaters which heat the air inside and moisture does not escape as readily through the vents so im hoping this promotes seed germination. 
 Oh, also my poor lizard got evicted, and for now lives in a lucite box (well I guess technically she always did but this one is smaller).

 Shes a cutie.  Oh, I also stacked the drafting tables to make room in my studio and got rid of the locker, and three filing cabinets.  Its great, its like I finally get to use my space, I moved in too quickly with my ceramic stuff and never really was able to think about the space until now. 
 So, this is when you enter, you have to go down a tiny hallway I created to be revealed to the dirty floor.
 Lots of dirt, potting soil, top soil, four bags of soil from saint nicholas park, and cow manure.
 I like this but have planted lots of seeds, hoping for a nice green cover, also going to try and grow some milkweed (might need a plant lamp for this) to (what else?) rear Danaus plexippus.

 As difficult as it was to get installed, curiously the ceiling is self-supported because hot air rises and so it actually is convex unless the temperature drops. 

 Oh and today ceramics returned to the scene, I have been contemplating the beautiful simple lines, the lines of grass that is, I am going to stack these left to right tomorrow to create a much larger mud pottery with growing grass on it, I decided finally after observing my pots that the simple cylinder is most effective.  Each of these guys is a foot (give or take) so this will end up being a three foot tall sculpture.

Thats it, oh I forgot to mention I went to the New York Earth Rom and perhaps the inaccessibility to the space led me to do my own version.  Later. 

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