Friday, January 25, 2008

New Piece - "Race: Juxtaposition and Reposition"

The piece I was talking about on the lower half of yesterdays blog has been COMPLETED! I love it, its purpose, to make you think about preconceived notions of race which I myself have even been a victim of accepting. Obviously this could be turned into a series of pieces called “Race: Juxtaposition and Reposition” It could be a series because there are so many other things to reposition which are stereotypes, this one basically deals with hair and eye color, another could be to reposition the features such as large lips and wide nose opposed to slender nose and thin lips and even body type, but this is what I have now, it gave the black woman blue eyes and blond, straight hair, and it gave the white woman dark eyes and textured locks of dark hair. They are not facing each other, they are sitting next to each other, both in a polymer clay-formed toga or primitive dress, their hands are joined together to ensure this piece is not taken negatively, it is not a battle of the races, it is a co-existing and blurring of racial lines in a way.

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