Saturday, January 26, 2008

Welcome to INDIA (new piece)

The new piece I have here was made when I happened upon this wacky elephant which I decided I had to own, I thought it was interesting with its obviously sculptured shape and seemingly arbitrary placement of a mosaic of tiny mirrored pieces of glass or plastic, beads, sequins, and a chain.; its outrageous and I saw a vision of one of my figures sitting on it. So I began sculpting a little brown man and after placing him atop the elephant I knew something was missing, he needed a companion, and they both needed more pizzazz to match the elephant. I really like the couple, they have a sense of togetherness the way they are sharing the world together, wherever I place this piece, I feel like they are on a journey and how they look off into the same direction is really touching. I imagine that she just whispered something about a scene they just passed, or maybe they are just sitting looking out over the water at the sunset or in a jungle. I love it. The figures mesh so well because they are both so different, his stone personality and aged features contrast with her youthful face and mischievous nature. They are both well-dressed in polymer clay. You can see some rolled out pieces of colors in the photos below of clay, some of which I used on them. He was made purposely thin to indicate they are in some other country and a natural people. They look like they may be from India or the vicinity. He has baggy light blue shorts on with a belt made of multi-colored clays. She wears a pink dress adorned with beautiful clear crystal stones embedded in it. She has a multi-colored top on, and a scarf of blue and red links the two, blue for tranquility and red for love. The elephant also mirrors these colors, he has some pink and a blast of red on the mouth part. I placed a chain to further link the couple together and also relate them to the elephant who is super encrusted as if a mosaic. The girl has heavy eye copal on since I wanted her to look eastern, and the man is bald… I later etched lines in his forehead to make him appear older. I also added a polymer clay flower handmade by me to her hair for a touch of femininity since she’ straddling the elephant like a real trooper.
This entire piece is just under 3.5 inches tall, the figures will amaze you at their trinket size… they would look great in some kind of glass display.

I know I usually narrow the pictures down to just a few best, but I had to show every angle of these two precious stones.

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