Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thoughts, New Gypsy, Blue-Eyed Blonde, and Tiny Mary

Yesterday was interesting, after posting the blog I walked to a friends house, the walk was over ten miles and took two hours to complete. My soul was filled with a sense of being apart of everything, the sunset, the cold weather, the human race, I feel much better. My feet are not in such great shape, they really hurt and the left one is swollen.
Off topic stuff for a second, I saw Cloverfield and it was AWESOME, I loved it but can definitely see that it is not a movie for everyone. Also Heath Ledger died today, that's really sad, he lived up the street from us in Brooklyn (before he split with his girlfriend/wife) so its weird and kind of closer than just another celeb.

I did have a great day today, I must talk to you and this is just me rambling, don't worry the blog will have pictures so if you want to skip the mumbo-jumbo, just scroll down this chunk of text. I must talk to you, I must reveal my feeling about things. Okay, this art thing is crazy, but I can feel success right around the corner. All I need is exposure, not even a lot of it, maybe just publication in a magazine or newspaper and of course my self-promotion on the street. I do now sell online from my website so I hope people actually start buying soon... its going to be a very interesting spring and summer for me! I need a few good custom orders to do and then just to sell my stuff as I want. I cant wait until the summer when the days are long and the art is colorful and tourists are in NYC parks! I have plans to do what I did last year, to take two tables out to Union Square, one to display and sell the pieces, and the other to actually make the stuff there on the street! Its a great way to 'prove' that I actually make the pieces since many have their doubts believe it or not. So, this is the year of the rat, it is a year where new enterprises that are begun will affect the rest of your life (if you happen to be a rat... a person turning 12,24,36,48, 60, 72, 84, 96 etc this year), so this is the perfect time to actually do it! I feel like all of my little sales and making them over the last few years has all led up to this, that I will be able to fully blossom into an artist now. You know I also used to practice creative visualization, this is manifestation of things you want. I used to do it all the time as a kid but not too long ago decided I was too powerful and basically decided to let God/the universe take the reigns of my life. I even knew that woman that made news recently for finding the painting in the garbage (http://davetrekworld.blogspot.com/2007/10/woman-find-1-million-painting-in-nyc.html) Miss Elizabeth Gibson was known to me as just Betsy and worked across from me in Pier 17 and wanted me to help her with manifestation of something she found in the garbage but I refused... I know I have the power, I have dreams and I just need to focus and plan well and trust me, this art form or craft will carry me very far this year... maybe even for the rest of my life, who knows. I hate to sound materialistic but I need to make money doing it, because I have been homeless once, and its not fun, I don't want to loose my apartment but also don't want to get another 9-5, my art is more important so I will take the risk.

Alright with that out of my system, I must say today was uber productive and I'm so happy! I made six new pieces, I will show you three of them. The first is a woman I made that (as the blog before last said) was supposed to commemorate hard working women. She was going to be some kind of village woman carrying a basket on her head, however something changed along the way and she became a gypsy, I make Gypsys a lot, I love them, but she was unplanned. Her skin is a light brown so I decided to make her eyes shades of brown and make them very large and creature-like so shes not really human, shes more a little fairy-gypsy-butterflyperson thing. She has a rather ethnic nose and full red lips which I washed over in brown to tone down the crimson. Everything about her is 100% handmade by me without the use of molds or anything! I wove the basket myself from pieces of clay and also made the minute little red flowers in her basket and on her head. I really enjoyed making her clothes because my last few pieces have not really had the intricacies of folds in the "fabric" which is made of clay. My gypsies usually have a head scarf but her hair was done with such craftsmanship that I decided I couldn't just cover it up, shes got LOTS of hair (as seen from the pic showing the back). So since her arm was still in the position of holding the basket on her head, I just altered her hand to be sort of adjusting the flower on her head. She is a beauty, I ended up actually painting the basket brown so its brown now.

I present her:

Yay, I'm so happy about her, she was an accomplishment for the day for sure, but it didn't end there, I also made a pale girl. My vision was to mix the beige clay and the white clay to get an in-between color but she came out really pale. Her face is very interesting and quite different from my usual proportions. She is cute but in an unusual way. Her eyes are blue so I decided to mix clay like I used to (blue and white) and make her a blue ice Butterfly Person. After painting, I made a body but the clay was soooo uncooperative that it reminded me of my early pieces, floppy arms and legs and just not holding up without a skeleton. I then put the clothes on and I formed toes on her feet, and made hair on her head, I knew she was going to be blond before I made her, but her hairstyle was my typical over the shoulders free style, but I decided why not make a butterfly person with a pony tail! I don't think I ever did that before so it was pretty cool to see what it would look like. She is holding a stone, and I've often been asked why are they sometimes holding stones, the answer is that they are offering you the stone, they are offering you something, they have a treasure to give, kind of like my talent, I feel I am giving my talent to people when they come by to see my art, Its my way of giving them something to give. Does that make sense? I really like her except her hands, they are really big but the clay was just too soft so I couldn't do really good detail work on her. She is a pretty white girl though :-p

Shes not that big, but not that small either.

Okay, honestly she probably matches a bit too much, but I love her, gotta give her some blue wings so a blue lover will snatch her up!

Not all butterfly people are made with colored clay! Other pieces are made with a plain color of clay and painted. The painted pieces have different look to them, they look more artsy if that's possible because they are messy and you can tell they are hand painted, there is something more play-dough-ish about the colored clay ones, but I love both. This TINY figure was hand painted by me today, here is a picture of me putting on the final touches to the figure.

Here she is with just the white part of her eyes painted on...

Next I painted in the pupils...

and painted the girl with red and blue, the blue was too much so I added some yellow for a greenish effect.

Bushy eyebrows rock!

Done! And giant hand to put into perspective how small this treasure is. She reminds me of a Catholic devotional doll, except she is showing midriff.

Check out EVERYBODY made today, all baked and with real wings (except the two smaller ones, their wings are plastic but I will further discuss this next time).

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