Friday, February 29, 2008


But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
It is the East, and Aphroregius is the sun!
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon
Who is already sick and pale with grief that thou,
her maid, art far more fair than she.

Surely thou art more fair than thee indeed! Altered Shakespeare aside, I’m very excited, as you can see from the last blog, Achillea was sold so I had to make a replacement for her, and along came Aphroregius! Aphroregius is so named for her association with the Goddess Aphrodite who was the goddess of Love and Beauty, in conjugation with the Latin word regius which means, royal or regal.
As I stated before, she was made to replace Achillea (or Morpho Maiden on so she has certain attributes of Achillea, including the long, hand rolled, hand curled pieces of hair, they are rolled out into little snakes, then wrapped around a coat hanger, coiled, and pulled out straight again, giving the characteristic wavy look. these were not made with an extruder and you can tell because each strand has a different width. Also ask anyone who was in the ceramics studio on Wednesday afternoon at City College, it took hours to complete. No matter, the results were well worth the time and she’s got some gorgeous flowing hair resting on her shoulders, arms, and chest.
Another Achilllea attribute is the fact the figure is nude, I had some major issues with Achillea though that I corrected with this piece: her legs have knees, not just spaghetti strap legs, and her feet are not bent at odd angles. Achillea was made to be a woman of charity, and by charity I mean had extra large breasts, Aphroregius does not, in my humble opinion, she has a decent normal sized chest.
Speaking of construction, I also employed some of the hand making techniques I spoke about in my Pregnant blog. Shes got big feet, pretty nice hands, and is nude, but my favorite part of her is her green eyes, they are like human eyes, not butterfly people eyes, shes also got a little bit of eye lashes which I don’t usually put; these new eyes will be incorporated into many more pieces.
She is a lovely, and I hope to be able to obtain a nice big Morpho achilles butterfly to place on her back.


  1. Such a beautiful face and I love her hair!

  2. Thank you! She is definitely a more realistic piece.

  3. Do you even speak English? Seriously, wall of text crits me for 99999k.

  4. Do you even speak English? Seriously, wall of text crits me for 99999k.