Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tres Hermanitas

This is the story of Las Tres Hermanitas, or “three sisters”

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, three sisters were formed out of creativity, and love. Each was born on the same day, but they looked nothing alike, one was a green eyed girl with large pink lips called Verde Ojo, another was a brown eyed baby face called Morena Ojo, and the last sister was a blue eyed sassy creature with elf-like ears! Her name was Azul Ojo.

As could be expected, all three took different directions in life. Morena Ojo blossomed into a very pretty gypsy girl, spending her days in the sun and becoming a contemplator of life, the reds and pinks found in her skirt symbolize love, for she is a dreamer and believes in finding her true love someday, until then, she sits and smiles, a life of ease and irresponsibility.

Verde Ojo also became a gypsy, but much different, a darker more mysterious type, the kind of gypsy that sparks your interest because you want to know more about her. The wild colors of her skirt flash brightly as color compliments mesh with one another… bright colors in nature, especially with insects such as butterflies means that they are poisonous! She hides her face for she cannot reveal herself, not everyone is capable of fully revealing themselves to the world and Verde Ojo is one of them.

What happened to Azul Ojo? Well, I have saved the best for last, Azul Ojo transformed herself into an allegory of mother earth or the goddess Gaia! She decided to lie down on her side and use her attitude to her advantage, just sitting is for regular butterfly people! She is dressed in a green leaf skirt which is belted with white flowers, and has big blue and white locks of hair on her head. She BLOOMS as her hip brings forth earths springtime bounty of flowers, all open and gorgeous! She delicately plays with the pansy as buds begin sprouting on either side, She holds a white calla lilly, an important flower in many religions of the world. She is a universal nature fairy!

So goes the story of Las Tres Hermanitas.

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