Friday, February 1, 2008

Orecla is BORN!

Is it safe to sleep under the Brooklyn Bridge? It is if your name is Orecla. Orecla was just born, she was my celebration of the sale of one of my butterfly people I have had for a little bit… she was white, blond hair, with blue eyes, and she was a freedom fairy girl with crazy hair and cool stars in her case. This piece was a celebration, I wanted to make a new piece that spoke of the old one, so I thought lets make the one I sold again, but this time show her in her youth. I imagine she formed out of a lilly somewhere curled up in the fetal position (very much like a little egg!) before she awakened to the magical world of New York City! She sleeps under the Brooklyn bridge in one of the pics… or at lest she sleeps in my hand with the bridge in the background J
She is TINY, absolutely small, I put a picture with her and my other piece “Self Awareness” to show scale, also next to a quarter, but you can really just see how tiny she is next to my finger nails and in my hands how small she is, absolutely a treasure. I just whipped out the ruler, and she is exactly an inch and a quarter long and about a half inch off the ground when lying on her left side. I etched in little tiny toes and she holds onto her knees as she slumbers. Hope you like her, I sure do.

watch as she takes shape!
No molds were used with this piece, she is 100% hand-made


Slumber girl needs some hair

Thats the actual piece of clay that was used to make her hair with.

Blurry, but that is the brooklyn bridge

Absolutely tiny


backside view

I swear I didnt make her, she rolled out of this flower :-p (kidding)

All this is based on the celebrated sale of this butterfly person:
Supposedly she turns into her when she grows up :-D

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