Monday, September 29, 2008

Cocoons In The City

Ha, see how you can manifest things just by thinking about them?
The cocooned girls have definitely won a place in my heart, and although a blog or two ago I showed a pic of the first prototype, the things I didn't like about her were eliminated and now they really look like cocoons, the only problem with these is they also look like mummies, but I digress.

They are AWESOME (though a bit strange), so much symbolism in them, and not just related to my own art changing, but the plaque which I placed on the front of each one which reads, "Emerge". So many people are getting ready to emerge from their cocoons into beautiful new beings revealing who they truly can be. I made the cocoon have a little opening on the top for easy hanging, I am seriously thinking about getting some wire and hanging them in either NYC parks or NYC subway stations, but I want them out of reach so perhaps on lamp posts in neighborhoods?

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