Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Custom Order Butterfly Blessing

The butterfly blessing is done finally!
I finally got the butterfly I was looking for to mount on the young mans outstretched hands.

As you may recall from previous blog posts Here and Here I have been working on this for sometime, and although I got underway rather quickly, I did have a hard time getting this common butterfly in a humane way (from a butterfly farm), but the patience was worth it and the final product is wonderful.

A re-cap on who this was made for. This was a custom order initiated by Ryans Cousin Nathan. The sculpture depicts Ryan, a young man who suffered from depression and took his life in stages like a butterfly which in the end of his line he ascends into the butterfly, you can also see it as him holding the butterfly as if about to send a butterfly signal to his family for he now sends his loved ones signs of his life after death through the life symbol the butterfly. Ryans mother Sharon Gorker Norris, was inspired to write a book which is a compiliation of a series of journal/diary entiries in which she shares her story of tragedy turned triumph in Our Butterfly Blessings.

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