Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thoughts from the John Mirror

I was thinking and want to do something soon interesting. This project will not be simply giving butterfly people away or leaving them in conspicuous places where a by chancer will cart them away, nor will it be turned into some kind of "award" for people who inspire others, no, this new agenda will be to create some sort of public art project, and since I dont have any funding or huge grants, or even permission, I will have to simply do it myself which is fine. The pieces will actually more than likely showcase "being alone" or "being exposed" in NYC. What I had in mind was one of two things, either little figures in acrylic cases which can be adhered to public property, or more likely other acrylic surfaces such as subway maps, however I dont want to be arrested for vandalism, so I thought about making little cocoon girls, miniature (or small really) polymer clay people who are wrapped up in long strings of the material and suspended on perhaps nails or something that is conveniently already there. I want them in subway cars and also in parks and stuff, but I dont want people taking them so im torn, perhaps I can relate the feeling of being completely powerless into the pieces which will be again, wrapped up. I will have a picture of what im talking about soon so it makes more sense.Its ironic that I call them "butterfly people" when these new public art pieces are going to appear as if they are coming out of the cocoon but they were actually inspired by Louise Bourgeois who currently has an exhibition at the Guggenheim museum until the 28th of this month (same day Mariposa Gallery at the South Street Seaport closes). The piece was a hanging woman I believe it was gold colored and was wrapped up with only the arms and legs hanging out, suspended over a void. Something that brings together the feelings of being exposed to constant criticism and outside opinions in the NYC "street art" world and of not being able to protect my precious creations will have to be implemented, I will of course write more as the ideas go from thoughts to concrete physical representations... that is the power of manifestation and this egg will hatch.

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