Monday, May 11, 2009

Nymph of Spring!

Its time for a spring blog, better late than never! Last years blog was chock full of flower pics, but this time I decided to focus on a cool little nymph and her story. Today on my way to school (writing about art class), I spontaneously decided to walk through the park instead of up the hill like I usually do from school. Well, I was inspired to make a quick butterfly girl on the spot and take pics of her in the scenery which was lush green and beautiful. Her clothes were totally made out of the material at hand (yes even the chain was out there!), and shes amazing! She fell apart due to being soft and bent around too much, but the pics will last longer than she would have anyway! I imagined she was a woodland spirit in charge of making sure the buds blossomed. She really blends in well with the surroundings in some of the pictures. Enjoy the pics, click to see them in detail.

So what do you think? HERE is a link to last years blog on the same subject, but the figure was baked and not really relating to the scene, I like this years harbinger of spring much more appealing!

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