Monday, May 25, 2009

List of seven, one made

I made a list of affirmations, which are all grouped generally under prosperity/success, that I wanted to incorporate onto figures, there are seven of them and they are:
Mental: Powerful strong mind
Inner: Soul well attended to
Physical: Healthy robust body
Freedom and Creativity
Joy, Laughter, happiness
Love and productive relationships
Wealth and abundance

I feel that asking for these in the order they are above is the way to go since you want to set the foundation to use your head with a sound mind, and your soul must be fed before you move onto the physical realm. Once here in the physical, it is integral to have a healthy body (not just fit but an overall health of all tissues and systems of the body) and the most basic of needs must be met before being able to express oneself. Joy, laughter, and happiness are just states of being which are positive, love and relationships come almost last, they may even come after success which I didn't list since it is not a sort of thing we just end up with. We must first be unwounded beings before we can have truly prosperous/productive relationships, we have to heal ourselves from past hurt and pain and to recognize our failings and turn them around. That said, for some reason the first figure I made was the love and relationships one! I don't know why I made it first, but it exists! I must say, it was nice to create the male form again... even with both figures being quite tiny and fitting into the palm of my hand.
I have created couples In the past, holding each other, grasping each other, so intertwined that you could not tell whose hand was whose or which foot belonged to the other, but this couple, though merely sitting side by side with arms on each others backs are so very conjoined, and together, they exude more companionship than any other work I have done which is odd since they are not really even looking at each other. That is the point, they are both looking off into the future together at the same time, in the same direction, the focus is not on each other, but on the journey ahead. On the red cloth (red represents passion/love), is written relationships & love. An important part (though best a late one in my opinion) of our quest for prosperity.

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