Thursday, June 24, 2010

Three Sisters G1

Three sisters.
Sister number one is a gothic gal.  I have been wanting to make a black rose for sometime, but now I have reason to.  The dark energies showed themselves to me today as jealousy, manipulation, and deceit.  I admit, I have attracted them to me, but everything is for a reason and I allowed this figure to take the brunt of my frustrations and just cry them out for me in black teardrops.  She is angry as well as sad, anger needs to be released it is true, but anger also gets people to DO SOMETHING!

Sister number two is content. She has a beautiful peaceful disposition and in the position I call the shower position because when I wash my feet in the shower sometimes I assume a similar position.  Her hair is a combination of the twisties and the extruder-created strands. 

All of the figures represent beauty and goddess energy, but sister number three is blatantly so.  She is in full bloom, her skirt very much like a flower and a frill of fabric creating a top for her.  She is wearing white symbolizing her purity.

All of these figures were made quickly using the same face mold, the next set of sisters (G2) will also be made the same way but represent different things.  This campaign is part of increasing stock, having fun with it and not getting too serious, and getting some clothed figures in the mix!

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