Friday, June 25, 2010

Three sisters (G2)

Move over hermanitas de ayer, todays three are made using the same faces, but leaving the face plain. 
Sister number one is in my opinion the most beautiful, but she represents contemplation (of the good).  Sister number two wants to show the female anatomy without being nude and thus has very fitted clothes.   Oftentimes all of the hard work in creating the bodies is covered up when they are made with dresses etc, but this woman shows off all her curves.  The bright pastels are perfect to herald in summertime and she has a headdress of flowers to show it off, she is yesterdays gothic sister feeling much better about life, though not exactly jumping for joy yet.  She also deals with headdress adornment which is something that will continue to come up in the near future and also with this particular sister.  Sister number three is once again beautiful with a frilly top, but this time she has a tattered skirt along with a found object (pirates booty), she represents prosperity and abundance because she can have a tattered skirt and still be prosperous in other areas such as time, health, knowledge, love, fulfillment, etc.  Prosperity is not only about having a lot of money. 

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