Friday, October 4, 2013

October 4th update

 repeating and multiple forms to increase scale
 seeds seeds and more seeds, growth and germination

 no end in sight
 down in dumbo brooklyn near NYFA
 broken ceramics for the mosaic

 lovely shards

 new set up in the studio

 Organized the plants and sprouts and succulents
 the skull that wont go away but beautiful with its ulysses
 the bronze girls outcast to the heating unit
 the mother of millions (thousands) or in my case dozens, and the sunflower sprouts who are not getting enough light
 butterflies exposed hell yea, gallo cerveza? ?que?
 the lovely sculpture being gutted


 redesigned painting "nature"

 it does look aquatic doesnt it?
 ripe with seeds and flower buds
 names I need to look up
 ah, the quietest and best kept secret of the MET, thank you David Alban for sharing this not so secret secret to your class five years ago. 

Everyone would rather be down there with the romans

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