Friday, October 4, 2013

Green Stages

Thank you Becca Albee for giving us the chance to not read jack shit and just to "make work and document it" well, Ive been a makin' away, here is the new wall hanging, it will be the same colors as that plate that I made of blue and gold with black borders (glaze borders not like the borders framing the piece... but where the glaze meets the other glaze).

 Wonderfully lopsided and asymmetrical, this work of art by ceramic artist Pedro Ramirez depicts the legend of Khnum in the form of a woman delivering the gift of pottery to mankind.   Some scholars think that it might actually be Gucumatz, the pre-columbian god of the crafts also endowing mankind with the awesome power of ceramics.  

The butterflies will fire out naturally and left behind will be impressions of the wings. 

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