Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It was like old times - Little Tibet makes a comeback

It was like old times yesterday when I placed the butterfly wings on the small figures with basket-nest head coverings. They were then carefully glued down into their cases and I felt like an artisan again, not an artist persay, but an artisan which is how I began making those small cubes, they will in the future hopefully be more sculptural as well, but yesterday felt like old times.
ALSO I discovered my tiny version of the red Tibetan manuscript cover girl which was in a case with other figures which broke, but she was intact, so I gave her a SPECTACULAR pair of wings, and now shes flying! Im asking people for $40 for her even though she is only like an inch tall, becuause I cannot let her go, if you will recall from this blog, she carries with her my treasured marble from Art Quest (a multi-cultural arts program that took place in 1999 at the Hermitage Foundation in Norfolk, Va) which means a lot to me. Hopefully with me she shall stay, unless someone really wants to shell out fourty bucks, the other ones are still ten.

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