Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mirror Slumber girl (old but new)

Hi, this latest piece is actually VERY OLD, I made this a while back when we still had the butterfly gallery, but nonetheless, she survived the move and still hadn't been baked so I baked her today. I knew she had to be made with a mirror and now that I have a mirror to set into her case she is all done. The mirror was integral due to her being very flat/low to the ground and actually very hard to see, the mirror opens up the entire composition allowing you to actually see her face clearly. I love it.
I have also included a real butterfly (farm-raised of course) on her back, this time to symbolize beauty. She is tired and fell asleep in the woods, the butterfly accentuates her beauty, no deathly themes this time :)


  1. Thanks, I will try and actually create a cube in the future with mirros on all three sides and on the bottom so you can see the figure from all angles without turning the case, and also because mirros upen up the space so much, she would appear as if she were in a much bigger space.