Sunday, December 28, 2008


So what does a griffin or a chimera have in common with the latest polymer person? They are therioanthrops, therio meaning Beast and anthrop of course referring to Human (like anthropology, the study of humans). They have composite parts, early people would often make art which reflected the thinking pattern of their culture, they would imagine that the human when given animal parts would attain its attributes such as this Lion-Human I have made. She really is obviously human and female, but she has a male lion mane on her head, giving her strength and power. Without the “big hair” her sense of power is not present.

This creation was sculpted everywhere I went from the New Jersey buses to the NYC Mass transit system (mostly on the A train). As you can see, I spent some time on her face, making her more sculptural with indented pupils like they do when sculpting marble. I also spent quite some time with her TINY hands, which ironically ended up being too big for her body, but these tiny hands were made with the coiling method which looks obviously different from the mold or cut lines method. It is the most attractive way to make hands, but takes the longest.

So check out the pics, they are small but get much bigger when you click on them. Let me say that each and every strand of hair was applied by me one piece at a time, she has no bald spots, it was crazy, but it achieved the big hair look I wanted. Enjoy the power of Lion-Human.


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