Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I would like to introduce you to Vluchtig, she is the latest and greatest of my polymer people. Vluchtig means fleeting in Dutch which is an allusion to some of the symbolism of the piece. I must apologize in advance for in re-reading this post, I sound a bit ranty and preachy, Its only because I have regained passion for my work, thats all. With more time on my hands lately to actually make art rather than novelty items, I was able to sculpt this piece carefully. Using some actual observation of the human figure also lended a hand in creating what is one of my most anatomically correct sculptures and definitely one with the most muscle tone. When sculpting I usually expedite the process to move as quickly as possible, but now I see what ive been missing which is a figure I actually like. Its not really about the money anymore, so with this piece I worked slowly and deliberately. There are not only finger prints on the piece, but also nicks and cuts, small gashes, I did not smooth them over, she is human, humans are imperfect beings. read more below.

So I started out as usual with the nude figure, this time opting to sculpt nipples and some muscle tone, this is a strong fit female figure. I worked on the hair for quite a long time as well because I wanted to make a style that fell over her face instead of my usual part down the middle type of hair. I was able to achieve this through layers, her hair has three different lengths of hair for a layered look that goes from short to very long in the back. Believe it or not, the hair mimics her personality which is not static, it is constantly changing, she is a work in progress forever for she has a mind of her own. Those who think for themselves are constantly reinventing the way they see the world.

The figure is about three inches tall and although I say im “shopping” for wings in the video, I would rather the butterfly be simply on or next to her. The butterfly in the actual composition of this figure and her immediate surroundings when she is encased will be pivotal. The butterfly represents death. The figure is almost the epitome of female perfection, yet the butterfly is there to remind us that life is short and that our living condition is a temporary one. A representation of fleeting life. Depressing? No, but for those who never read this, they may just think the butterfly is “cute”, if they only knew that art is not arbitrary, even when we don’t know the meaning of a work of art, it has meaning. This sculpture was created to invoke in you something, I want you to react to it, you don’t have to enjoy it, but as long as it had an effect on you, that is all that I ask for.

It was pointed out to me that the figures legs looked strange, I noticed it was because her thighs tapered down to her huge calf muscles, so with the finished product the legs are drown up closer to the body like below.

Het vluchtige leven

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