Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love is the Healing Power within us

Love and Healing. Love is integral in healing which is why I created this figure with hearts all over herself, for it is the love within our hearts, not the love from others that I am referring to.

This figure took an amazing four days to complete.
Day 1: On my way to NYC to check my mail and deliver a butterfly panel in Long Island City… she was formed during the ride over and simple body shapes were created.
Day 2: I decided the figure would be “understanding” while strolling around the mountain with Luis and discussing everything from relationships to art, I actually made her face as a sort of tutorial to show my friend how to make a face from scratch. This day I also kept working on her in a restaurant.
Day 3: Woke up early and began getting serious with her creation, I had a finite amount of brown clay in her tone so she had to be made a bit thinner than I had planned. The ideas turned from understanding to healing which is on the forefront of my mind these days. Healing takes place when we love ourselves, truly love ourselves, plain and simple. The hair was painstakingly lovingly rolled out piece by piece and curled around a needle before being placed on her head, so that she has curls instead of twists. The hearts were also placed, they came as a bit of a surprise to me as my inspiration told me not to fear Valentines connotations and just go with what makes sense to me. I put the sign in her hand on purpose. The Affirmations will have it spelled out clearly what they are about, no more reading into the postures or colors of a piece, they speak for themselves and its written all over them.
I kept the monochromatic scheme because I knew red/pink hearts would distract, so would an eye which I was going to paint on… the sign in its starkness now is the focal point, it reads, “Love is the Healing Power within us,” and that’s the real value.
Day 4: baked, photographed, and blogged!

SO again, love and healing, hand in hand. Love is a warm inner power that we all have and its easy to use, just open up and let the love flow out all over you or those you love, visualizing this can transform your life for the better, there is nothing wrong with loving yourself healthily.

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