Thursday, March 18, 2010


Shes like a flower.  When I look at her that’s what I see, tropical beauty, growth and fruition. 
Since I am accumulating works for the new shop, I have broken out the old molds to help with some facial quickness.  I embrace the molds now, they are nothing to be ashamed of, besides I will still make originals, but at a higher price.  I have an entire shopping bag full of molds (most now unusable and damaged), this is one of the “baby faces” that does not really look good with huge breasts and nudity in my opinion.  She is simple, carefree and looking after her plants.  On her left arm is drawn a small flower and also the word nature.  I wanted nature to be on her for she is a nature girl, heal is written on her skirt, nature heal.  Nature heals.  Healing can come from nature.  I can bring back the commercialism of the colorful girls and still have them be significant.  Cant wait to make some more.

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