Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The latest and greatest is a girl who is significant, why you ask? Because she represents thought.  I made her thought because the central theme this year besides accomplishment (picked up my degree today!), is the power of the mind.  Thought is behind everything, everything in life is a reflection of our internal thoughts and these thoughts can be controlled and altered.  My thoughts are changing for the better everyday.  I am constantly realizing my beliefs and also looking at the past with a fresh perspective and then letting it go.  I am looking at hurtful situations and forgiving those I was resentful towards due to my new found understanding that I can alter my thoughts, I have found such a multitude of people I didn’t even know I resented to forgive, all with my thoughts.  I have learned that I can keep them on the positive and begin some real life changes.  Healing takes place when we love ourselves, loving ourselves begins with changing the way we think about ourselves.  It all goes back to thought, so what more of a powerful word could I write on my little figure, who with self-restrained arms and hands, looks out into the vast future ahead of her, ready, and painted with sheer inspiration, to begin her journey.  If my thoughts today are creating my future, then I certainly need to be sure they are the best thoughts I can think. 

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