Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why did it take a year and six months for me to follow my heart?

Why did it take a year and six months for me to follow my heart?

I just read the BLOG posted in 2008 about how I was changing my art and my figures into what I wanted them to be which was affirmations.  I want my figures to reflect something innate, something beautiful, something human, but also something positive.  I used to have fear.  Fears of the way they might be received.  Art that is provoking and moves us emotionally is usually art that is either conceptual, or if figurative, depicted violence or pain or suffering or any of the other negative emotions of the world.  I have always been on the positive side and fought with myself to create beings in anguish.  Though I am human and go through hard times as well, I always try and see the good that comes out of them.  The life lessons.  I just read through all my etsy feeback and also the old blog and realized that I have been postponing this for too long.  Last night I checked and saw that I still owned, this is the name my website and blog will have from now on, why?  Because affirmations are a great way to keep our inner mind dialogue on the positive and keep it there.  Affirmations are paths which lead us to what we want, they set us free.  I have totally let go of the self-doubt, fear, and self-imposed restrictions, I know if I truly love and believe in myself as well as my art, that it can only be met with success!  People do not want to see the fallen, the downtrodden starving artist, they want to cheer you on as you become a success at what you do.  The Butterfly People/Affirmation Figures/Polymer Clay aspects, or whatever physical name you want to bestow upon them are and have always been physical incarnations of my spiritual journey.  They are still, and they evolve because I evolve as a person.  Now is an extremely important time for me to heal, get in touch with the inner self and work on myself as a person.  I have developed  some negative behaviors, and have much forgiving to bestow upon those that have been a part of my life, this done releases me and allows me to fly free. The art will follow, every step of the way.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, great words to live by! Made me think about believing in myself as well! I have no doubt in you or your artwork, it is beautiful!!