Thursday, July 31, 2008

Polymer Clay Butterfly Wings

Obviously nothing can replace nature in its beauty, however the time has come for me to move into a new direction and that breaks away from every one of my figures needing butterflies. Some will just be sculptures and that's it, while others such as the one above will incorporate hand-crafted butterfly wings.
So this is my first piece with polymer clay wings... actually I did do one a few years ago but lets just overlook her since I don't have pics of it. What I did was take clay run through the pasta machine and cut out the shapes I wanted. I then just painted and designed them to my liking, the more asymmetrical, the better I say! The final result is an evil earth fairy with metallic wings with hints of bluish-purple to bring the purple flowers into the composition together. I cant say that I love the wings, but then again even the real ones often didn't satisfy me, especially when all I had access to were black wings and real wings cannot be painted... well, they can but they end up looking like painted featheres, sticky and nasty. I think that once I start making them textured and in earth-tones I will be more happy with the results.

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