Thursday, July 31, 2008

Redesign (again!)

Oh the poor soul that is the butterfly person made outdoors on one fine Saturday afternoon.
I wont leave her alone... this happened before you know, this reincarnation thing. Its like a constant re-designing of a single piece until I feel it is finally "correct". This lady was a free-spirit that was wild and different. I made her because a fellow Union Square Artist, Lisa Park, and I were talking and I made a joke and positioned myself with my tongue out and said I was going to make a sculpture in the same pose which I did. Anyway, I later put metallic tattoo's on her and really don't like the way it came out not so much because of the tacky tattoo's but more because you cant see she is sticking out her tongue easily unless you look closely so what I plan on doing (within the next 48 hours) is...
Painting her black with a latex paint and sponging off the excess so that some of the metallic shows through yet she is black so you can easily see not only her form but also her facial expression, I do not want to loose the surface decoration completely, only partially, I want to add information, not subtract.
I also want to use those cute little polymer clay butterflies that I made a few blogs ago and glue them all over her, they are colored like her and I think that them flying around her and on her would be beautiful, no big wings for her, just a sea of little gems flying around.
And of course I will post pics when I get around to working on her.

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