Sunday, July 27, 2008

Polymer Clay Butterfly

Everybody take note, something huge is about to happen! I just made a polymer clay butterfly, you know what that means? Yep, the pieces are about to go from 90% hand made to 100% handmade, well, they are one hundred percent handmade already, but you know what I mean, I cant say that I physically made the butterflies. I see a window opening up here, a window that allows me to stop having to obtain real butterflies and match the color to my figures, a window which allows people to buy my pieces without fear of offending anyone with a “dead bug”. Yep, I can see my next piece, little gold and blue butterflies flying around in the background, or a larger butterfly with gorgeous watercolor wings of pale pink, washed over with orange and accents of gold leaf on the edges… veins carved in and stained with brown paint. I know many people like the real butterflies so I will try and continue to provide to make everyone happy, but am going to be making my next few pieces with wings from my mind that are inspired by nature but made by me.

Here is my little tiny butterfly that I just made from clay, wouldn’t it be beautiful as a metallic creature with clear glaze on it so that it forever shined like an emerald?

why butterflies? because butterflies are symbolic, they signify everlasting life, renewal, change, freedom, death, beauty, re-birth, so many things and they have helped many a person get through a difficult time in life.

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